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/ Botanist – the restaurant that transforms gastronomy in Vancouver

“Cocktails with elderflower, as well as spirituous creations based on mushrooms come to light as a suggestion of what is about to begin. And although the Cocktail Lab captive, in the distance the goal of the road appears already. The end of all the conversations that we have listened for several days and the reason why we are here: Botanist’s dining room. Just put one foot in the room to understand that the show has begun. And they have reason: we begin to feel an emotion. Something as real and tangible as the “goosebumps”.

First, when the person who will attend to us during the five-course dinner appears, as if it were a fashion show, with an iconic uniform created by Eli Caner and her company New York Lady and Butler Collections. After her passing, Jill Spoor, the director of the Botanist wine program, ready to explain to us and suggest to each one, the best bottle for our menu and personality. Not more than five minutes have passed and the emotion is already real.

The next protagonist is Héctor Laguna, the chef of Hidalgo del that is so much talked about when the issue of Mexicans who have made his home in Canada. His menu, in constant dialogue with the earth (and with its land) is a tribute to mushrooms, flowers, life and yes, also, to nature. He smiles when someone tells him, leaving a topic for the after-dinner: “Botanist is not the achievement of a person. It’s a team effort and I think the union of talents from different areas is what has caused people to speak of us in different areas.”

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