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/ Get Bowled Over: 9 Restaurants for Fishbowl Cocktails (Plus, a Dessert)

“Most fishbowls feature blue gravel, a stem of fake seaweed, and a sad looking goldfish. Maybe a fake treasure chest, if the fish is lucky. Not these! Bartenders (and a lone pastry chef) are turning the glass globes into receptacles for colorful drinks and a tropical dessert. Get ready to dive into swimmingly stellar sippers (and one sweet!) at these restaurants for fishbowl cocktails.

Botanist, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
The Deep Cove comes in a bespoke glass fishbowl melted onto a piece of gnarled driftwood. Blue algae adds an electric turquoise tint to the gin-forward mixture accented with sea buckthorn. As a finishing touch, slender strips of cucumber snake through its depths like ribbons of kelp. “

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